Psychopedagogical service

In the early years, children will develop the skills that will enable them to move on to formal education at an adequate level. In this initial evolutionary period, more than 90% of the basic prerequisites for learning that they will later use throughout their lives are concentrated. The development of cognitive, physical and communication skills, their way of relating to others, hygiene and eating habits, acquisition of social norms and values, respect for nature and others, are elements that will be part of it. It is a unique and particular moment for each child, so it requires special attention from all of us involved in their development.

The main objective of the psycho-pedagogical service is the prevention of the difficulties in the evolutionary development of children. To meet this objective, we need the collaboration of fathers, mothers and educators.

Dining room services

We are committed to a balanced and healthy diet for our students. Our menus are specially prepared by a nutritionist. The food is homemade, cooked in our facilities.

Family School

The Family School aims to be a form of involvement in the development of children, a meeting point for family members and the opportunity to collaborate directly in the activities with your child and the educators. To this end, during the course we will deal with a series of topics of interest, chosen by all of us, related to the different ages and stages that children go through. We will also count on the direct participation of the families in different workshops so that the work of educating your child will be a shared and enriching experience for everyone.

The WORKSHOPS will be held once a month in the morning, from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The work will be adapted to the abilities of the children.

The DEBATES will be held in the afternoon, from 17:00h. to 19:00h.

We look forward to everyone's collaboration, your child will enjoy playing and learning together.

Learn to play, learn to live.

What do we offer?


The educational methodology we follow in our school is based on play and affection.

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With 40+ years of experience, we are an educational center and farm that promotes active pedagogy.

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La Casita de Martín offers a program of extracurricular activities for both students and non-students.

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