The educational methodology we follow in our school is based on PLAY and AFFECTION. Through activities and workshops and through experiential learning, children develop their skills by playing in a relaxed and trusting environment. All this is possible thanks to the support and participation of the family.

We believe that educating is a task for everyone, adults and children, because we think that we all have much to teach and much to learn, and the task of educating is to share.

Here at La Casita de Martín, with laughter, tears, snot, games and songs, feeding Toscana the cow, riding Senda the donkey, listening to mama hen and her chicks and Carnavalita the pig, imitating the sound of the turkeys, playing with letters and numbers, we share what we know and learn what we don't know.


The pillars on which we walk, on which we rely on are play and affection. That is why every day we learn to play in order to learn to live.

With all the baggage of time we have learned that children do not need tons of toys, nor the most expensive and sophisticated toys, nor that we saturate them with extracurricular activities, nor that the objectives are that they arrive first, that they know more than anyone else, that they are the best. Because we know that those things will not make them happy. We have learned that what they need is to play and be loved. To know that they are not invisible, that they are the most important thing to us. They need to know they are loved, to feel loved. And the letters, the numbers... they need to know that they are loved.


With salty kisses and hugs of sunshine, with tons of patience and infinite tenderness we are walking day by day learning to play, learning to live...and we are in it.